It Just Might Be Too Late.

For the past few years, I have been digging around in my mind. Reading books, forming thoughts, and focusing on reflections, Trying to figure out why I am the way I am. Trying to strive to be a better a human, a better friend, a better son. Just. Plain. Better. Fully and conscientiously trying to make decisions to form more positive thoughts to eradicate the traits I do not jive with and fully ignite the ones I strive for. One thing I learned is that change is slow but exuberantly full filling and Sometimes it's overnight. Depending on how ingrained the habitual characteristics that reside in my being really are. I just came across an inevitably soul rattling paragraph, in a book, that tells me that the time for change is coming to a close.

"Psychologists tell us that by the time we're in our mid-30's, our identity or personality will be completely formed. This means that for those of us over 35, we have memorized a select set of behaviors, attitudes ,beliefs, emotional reactions, habits, skills, associative memories, conditions responses and perceptions that are now subconsciously programmed within us. Those programs are running us, because the body has become the mind."

Although just a short paragraph, this books backs this statement and so much more up with actual scientific evidence to neurological level and god damn it, the truth it is. It all makes sense. The amazing thing is, you have the power to change the things you don't like about yourself, your insecurities, your programmed emotional reactions, and the thing is, its all mind over matter. Future blog posts will contain more of my insight into where my head is, and where its come from and where its going. Thought evolution is a beautiful thing.

I just wanted to share a little of whats going on in my head as I haven't posted on here for a while and I felt the urge to release some words from my brain. With music projects coming along slowly and my focus turning more towards live sets I don't have as much to share on here as in the past, so I am excited to start sharing some deep thoughts, along with good music, and photos to accompany. Stay tuned.

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