The Slightest update.

Hey there, its been some time. I guess I got a bit lost and out of touch in the woods. More or less due to lack of good internet. So I severely apologize for my lack of activity. I am currently in the process of rearranging my older mixes over to mixcloud and reorganizing the website in General so I can start over on a fresher music canvas and "catalog" all my earlier mixes and productions. Been seriously navigating the sea of hardware I've been lugging around with me and really feeling in touch with some of these machine. Really looking forward to my first live set using all this hardware. Location and Time TBA but it will be happening in October.

Right now I am hanging out in the Cumberland with the dear miss Tia and helping her out with some last minute crafting. Shes vending at Atmosphere festival this weekend which I am very excited to get very radical at. I spent my last few shifts of work in golden working on the said live set and crafting a whole bunch of crystal necklaces to sell at the festival. You can also check out Tias instgram to see what radness she will be slinging at the festival. Top notch fanny packs and other super cool festival gear. Click here and enjoy.

I realized with this whole analog movement I've been leaning towards this days doesn't make for quick blog material. I am still needing to send in a Roll of film from Berlin and finish another I have been working on for sometime. But its all good. Slow is good.

Hoping to be slightly more active on here as new things arise. Will be throwing out a new deep 303 tunes for you guys to have listen to in the next while.

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