My Favorite Things of 2014.

Year after year I've been summing up my favorite things of the year gone past. This year will be no different. As it goes. There is categories. I then present my 5 favorite things in the category. I really hate odd numbers, but 5 is the only one I can really bare. Four isn't quite enough and 6 is too many. So your lucky 5, you win by default. I hope everyone is getting the new year off to solid start. Sending Lots of love to you all.


Every year I meet new people. This one of my very very very favorite things in life, to connect and bond and learn about new people in my life, they inspire me, teach me. Every year there always a hand full that land a really special spot in my heart. This year was no exception. I May have met a few of these people back in 2013 but 2014 was our year for extreme bonding. These names are in no particular order, except for maybe the first one.

1. Baran Faber.

This is a man I could spend days with, laughing, frolicking, and just generally having the nicest time. Whether is spending hours on the stoop drinking coffee or building blanket forts, this mans presence in my life is a big one. Baran is doing great things for the city of Calgary and its flourishing music scene and to stand right next to this man and be inspired by his initiative has been a blessing. For those of you who don't know this guy, you should. He's warm, welcoming and just plain nice. So if you see him give a him a big hug chances are he'll make you feel really good.


2. Casey Mcmechan AKA Rusty Meeks AKA Rusty Beans

Now this is guy. Righteously talented, solid and supportive. Casey is an individual I can not thank enough for being so supportive in my early stages of music production. Always stoked on what I have to share and has been extremely encouraging, weather or not my efforts deserve it or not is up for debate. For those of you who may not know Casey, hes a top notch music producer, DJ and when it comes to music he is a genre chameleon. He does not abide by the boundaries of a single form of music. You can catch him playing all over Calgary or check his Soundcloud page to explore his music offerings.


3. Alan & Renee

These are two serious gems if I've ever met couple. Alan a Top notch dude with a knack for sewing and craving for the dance floor and Renee just a wonderful open spirit, artistically inclined and who's conversations always make me feel enlightened. My Favorite part about these two is there dynamic. Alan would generally party till 3-4 in the morning, providing us with endless laughs and some serious dance floor occupying, until he would decide to pack it in, which then generally, Renee, one who does not partake in liquor or substance,  would emerge from their tent join us until the sun came up, it was always nice to have a fresh, beaming presence at this point in the night. Absolutely love these two the max and am super stoked for them to arrive back at planting camp this year. There is no photo documenting these twos existence, they have removed themselves from Facebook thus limiting my ability to find a photo of them. But because they don't have Facebook does not mean they don't exist. They are just living real life. The way we should be doing it.

4. Kristi Steele

This past year I acquired a daughter. It's been amazing, a daughter I can spoil and be great dad to but not have to actually have the stresses or financial attachment as being a real father requires, like paying college tuition and things like that. Kristi is one heck of a co-pilot and she journeys through her rave apprenticeship with me as the teacher, she is learning quickly on how to be on top of her game. This human is about as sweet as they come, grateful and just generally very easy to be around. Love this girl like shes my own daughter and am so happy to have her in my life.


5. Taylor Lysohirka

I have no idea how to pronounce this mans last name. I really don't think anybody does. Regardless he is my musical soul mate, the first time Taylor and I gathered for a vinyl jam we almost couldn't handle how good it was. Neither of us could tell when our own records were being from my records to his records and vice versa the styles, the genres, the music were mirrored. Taylor is tall, handsome and my far one my favorite selectors in the city. Catch this man open up Noir, a Monthly at the Habitat, on Jan 22. Check here for details. Oh yeah, this photo about says it all.


The thing I enjoy most in life, is music. As most of us do. Collecting vinyl. Attending shows. Learning to create it. Anything to with music. I am in. The Following are lists of my favorite shows, vinyls, and mixes from the year.


These shows are ranked in order, the top being my favorite. Most of the accompanying mixes are not the said sets but will give you an idea what these unreal talents have to offer.

1. Micheal Red - Rifflandia (Live PA)

2. Sergio Levels - Basscoast (Live PA)

3. Claire - Basscoast (Live PA)

4. DeepChord (Live PA) - Habitat, Calgary

5. Deaga Sound - Shambhala / Taal Mala - Basscoast


There are two kinds of music in this world. Techno and Bands. I will give you a list of my 5 favorite techno vinyl and my 5 favorite band vinyls I acquired this year. I have completely stopped acquiring music digitally and am leaving vinyl to my only source of new music. I do however still download mixes to listen to I will include a list of my favorite mixes from the year as well.


Now as far a techno goes I have aquired 100's and 100's of EP's, House, Dub, Techno, all of it. The records I chose for the "techno" are all albums and are top notch from front to back.

1. Nicholas Jaar - Space is Only Noise.

2. Tin Man - Ode

3. Radikal Guru - Subconscience

4. LAS - Your Eyes

5. Deadbeat - Primordia


1. Fat Freddys Drop - Based on a True Story.

2. Paul Simon - Negotiations and Love songs.

3. Nightmares On Wax - Carboot Soul.

4. The Weakerthans - Left and Leaving

5. Quasi Dub Development - Little-Twister vs Stiffneck


I've really been falling behind on the photo scene. I think I have taken more Polaroid photos that anything else this past year. Which is not saying much, but here is a few a my favorite Polaroids from the year.




Now any of you that know me. Know I love my coffee. This is a list of shops that pulled the tastiest americanos over the past year. These are newly visited within the past year. Once a coffee shop makes it onto this list, they can never make it on again. So look to my past years posts to check out previous top dog coffee slingers.

1. Red Tree Roasters - Courtenay, BC

2. Forty Ninth Parallel - Vancouver, BC

3. Dark Horse Espresso Bar - Toronto, ON

4. Luke Drug Mart - Calgary, AB

5. Hey Happy - Victoria, BC


1. Hitachino Nest - White Ale - Kiuchi Brewery

2. Gardner - Community involved ale - Village Brewery

3. Sophie - Belgian style Farmhouse Ale - Goose Island Beer Co.

4. Inedit - Malt Wheat Beer Brewed with spices - DAMM

5. Pinkus - Organic Hefe-Weizen - Munster


Some of the most interesting people I know don't know what to do with their lives.






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