The Gatekeeper.

It's not often I fish, I really just enjoy being near the river and watching other people catch trout, but when I do. I prefer to fish strange water, I mean, after all the years of spending countless summer days on the river, I know where the trout live, it's easy to spot the water a trout is likely to be hiding. I like to cast to the questionable waters, the waters that are overlooked by the general angler, the weird shit, if you will. This particular spot where I caught "The Gatekeeper" was one of those spots. Kneeling on a huge bolder mid river I worked my fly line out of my reel, short cast, first cast. High sticking, whirling mends in like a tornado to keep the fly in a dead drift in the tiny 2ft by 2ft deep dark back eddy that was in question. After a short few seconds which seemed like 10 minutes, this huge male cutthroat came out of the water and down on my fly. I nearly screamed, and Spencer definitely let out a howl. It was on, pinned him and I pulled and hauled the trout across the river and he continued downstream using his sheer mass and the current to try and get away from me. After some technical wading and line maneuvering the beast was in my hands, a true trophy of a Cutthroat. Was quickly named "The Gatekeeper", a troll like character living in the dark depths under a small rock face. Definitely one of the most memorable trout I've cast a line to, on all too perfect day, on an unnamed stream.

Thanks to Spencer for photos. First photo, the crime scene. Second Photo the result.

It's not really at all about catching the fish, it's the process.

Joel WhalenComment