The Perfect Photo is here.

I've been dabbling in photography for a long time now. It doesn't really show..... Its usually when I make mistakes is when I like my photos the best. So really there isn't much in the means of talent going down when that shutter button gets pushed. The following photo here is a prime example of that. I can't even begin to figure out what went wrong in the process of the capturing of this photo to create such vast amounts of imperfections, including the excretion of the processing chemical right out of the Polaroid itself. Regardless, this photo was the result of a long night, a wonderful sunrise, and the complete loss of most of my motor skills. I stared into it as is slowly developed. I screamed in excitement, I could not figure out what was developing. Even after it developed i was unsure if it actually took a photo of what i was even point the camera at. It did. It took the perfect photo. Of two my favorite humans having a morning swing while music played on through the day. This... This Polaroid is the peak of my photographic journey in life. After this...its all downhill from here. So please soak this beauty up..... Cause I know I will for a long time.

The unfed mind devours itself.

Joel WhalenComment