Creation Through Death - Mia Dungeon : A Mix Media Surrealist

For those of you who aren't familiar with Mia and her art, well, you just should be, and for those of you who are familiar, know how special of a, not only artist, but human being this creature is.

If you attended the Basscoast Project in Merritt in early august there is good chance you walked through the beautiful creation that Mia was responsible for. It was the pearly white entrance gates as you came towards the main stage. Beautifully lit and perfectly created. Huge white wooden posts bearing white pearls, an assortment of creature skulls and bones, chandeliers and other little colorless item to create a mix media master piece.

A huge part of Mia's installations/art pieces is her use of the deceased. Creatures that no longer prowl the land, the ones have served their time and purpose in nature, and their time has come to a close. She provides an opportunity for the beauty of creature to live on. She adorns the lifeless creatures with pearls, jewels, chains, and whatever other brilliance may fit. She brings them back to life, creating some of the most unique pieces I have ever seen. The all white themes to most of these pieces/installations give it an almost fairy-tale feel, something that does not seem real, if I were to touch it, I feel as if it could turn to sand and disappear only to remain as something that I dreamed of.

Well not only a mix media artist, she paints canvas, as well as skateboard decks, creates ski graphics and has had a few items of clothing shes released over the years. If you want to check out more of Mias work you can head to her website HERE. You can also enjoy this short little film where she shares her thoughts, her ideals, and her insight behind her work.



We all die, the goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will.



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