Back by Popular Demand & Retrouvaille *New Mix*

The truth is….. I have no idea where to begin….. I think the best place to start is by clicking play on this Vinyl mix I’ve been listening to over and over again for about 5 months. Deciding whether it was good enough to share. It’s good enough. It is vinyl after all and it’s those human imperfections in a mix that remind me that there is, in fact, someone actually mixing the music and its not being pre-fabricated in Ableton to create pure flawless perfection. While there are few shaky mixes, some may not even notice, but song choice and general vibe still remains relevant to a nice listening mix. Press play now.

Now…. Where do I begin. … How do I excuse my lack of activity on this once upon a time blossoming blog…. I don’t think I need to excuse myself. But I do apologize. To who ever reads this. Does anyone even read this? It doesn’t matter, I really do it for myself, helps my grammar, because my grammar is terrible. It expands my vocabulary, and helps me process thoughts into writing. Essentially it’s just a tool for myself, that some people seem to enjoy. So thank you. For enjoying. But Things come in waves and sometimes other things in life prioritize over others. Another reason is a lack of inspiration, my blog thoughts come, they seem like good ideas, but the execution ceases to exist sometimes.

This past year has been inexplicably hard. It was he hardest most challenging year of my life. I was doing my best just to maintain course. Stay a float. I barley made it just trying retain some sort of happiness. The strange thing was everything was perfect. So many incredible new friends to spend time with, having so much fun with music, learning to create it, and learning the art of mixing vinyl. Contempt oozed out of my pores. So much of my life was so perfect except for a major part of it. A part I could not seem to rise above, no matter the effort. The realization is this, some things in life are just not ment to be. A times this realization can be initially upsetting but given time, it can grant freedom and utmost happiness. Needless to say, I learned to better understand things like, expectation, compatibility, and most of all myself.  Now, I’m going to spare most details on previous year because the story is long but what I’m trying to say, well fuck, what am I trying to say?

 Had the honor of helping the Bassbus crew erect this beautiful stage at the basscoast project. One of the most fullfilling most gratifying projects I've ever been apart of.

Had the honor of helping the Bassbus crew erect this beautiful stage at the basscoast project. One of the most fullfilling most gratifying projects I've ever been apart of.

After an extremely intense past three weeks that included heartbreak, dancing, building stages, acquiring beautiful new friends, bass music, double drops, good food, coffee, cuddle puddles, sunrises, river dips, so many hugs and giggling till my tummy hurt, a new beginning is upon me. I feel full, I feel energized, I feel ready. To be me. To be the person I love to be. I’ve come to a new realization of what is important to me and I could not be any more excited to embrace, everyone and everything that surrounds me. I am blessed. Beyond belief.

Huge thank you to everyone who as been there as support over the last year, support and direction in music, life and learning. I can't even begin to explain the gratitude. <3

Already I am inspired. Pecking away at some major unfinished projects, Like a website which you are currently enjoying, and 4 track EP coming out hopefully mid to late September, possibly earlier. I’ve also started a new film project showcasing the fly-fishing in the elk valley. So excited to have my hands on the camera again. So I will be down in Fernie till early September camping, filming, and generally just putting out the good vibes. Oh yeah peanut is with me too, which I’m finding out is a major deciding factor when people are trying to figure out if they want to hang out with me or not. I feel like peanut is more popular than I am and I am 100% okay with that.

I've been working on this website that will showcase everything that is Jah Raven Creation. Plenty of updates and new additions. I also retweaked my Cold Front track for a better sound. Hope you enjoy it. I will be much more active on the old blog keeping you up to date. Entertained. And loved.


"Beetween what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost."

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