The Most Gifted Crystal.

This past season at tree planting camp, back in the spring, something very special was given to me by a very special group of people. I spent the season at camp, going about my usual business, Parties, Gatherings, Teepee Hang outs, Dinners, all of the fun, the season far exceeded my expectations socially. It was a darn hoot. Not only that but others at camp had so much beauty to offer to the table, pot lucks, trivia, scavenger hunts, and more were organized, camp came together and lifted its own spirits into the galaxy of the amazing that this past season was.

For some strange reason the folks at camp seemed to think I deserved some sort return for the love and dedication I put into the camp, when I think each and everyone has their own ways of contributing. Regardless, I had never been so speechless or felt so loved when I received this crystal from the beautiful people who I hold in the highest regards in my heart. Presented to me at the final dinner out at camp tears rolled down my face, my heart melted into my stomach.

This crystal. This was Crystal I had been eyeing up for the whole planting season, at my favorite crystal shop in Invermere, River Gems. When I finally had the money to purchase the crystal I went in and it was gone, snapped up, by someone who was quicker than, me, I was devastated, I thought the piece of quartz was long gone.....forever...... Little did I know it was sneakily aquired by all wonderful souls at camp. With an extreme ninja crystal heist thrown down by Little Tia while I was just a few doors down looking at books with my next stop being the crystal shop to make the purchase..... This ended up being the most surprised and the most speechless, I ever have and maybe ever will in my life. Thank you so much to all who contributed and were involved. I will carry you energy with me within the quartz forever. <3

Love is not enough.

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