Fall is here. That season. The colors are beyond wonderful, but what follows the beauty of autumn, is a hellish, nightmare of subzero, snow and unpleasantness. The time to hibernate is near, this winter, hibernating is what I plan on doing, this summer was maximized, fully used, not moment wasted. I left this summer to the spirits, could not be happier with way everything flowed.

After a beautiful visit to the coast, having a time, hanging out with my favorite people, music, tequila, bike rides, motorcycle rides, learning the art of not giving a shit, coffee, more coffee, and sushi. I could not be more content. In fact, after moving away from Calgary back in April I am excited to return home, to the wonderful folks who have made me become so at peace with the city of Calgary. It's been 6 months, of camping, working, filming, couch surfing, festivaling and just generally vibing. I can't thank everyone enough for their welcoming hospitality. I am excited for my return to Calgary, just a few more days of filming in Fernie and I will be back in Calgary for the winter. Can't wait to see all of you beauties. XoXo.

Worry not that no one knows you;

Seek to be worth knowing.


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