Jah Raven Creation - The Darkside of the Owl.

The Darkside of the Owl has landed. Jah Raven Creation is here. Dedicated to the darker, stranger side of the audible tones we call music. While the White Owl is very much alive and thriving bringing you the tech, melodic, bouncy house vibes the Raven is here to bring you forward moving music and eventually original material. Both Creatures now representing all vinyl, it's a step backwards in the technological evolution of DJing but a step forward in tangible, thoughtful, defining music selection.
I present to you my first ever recorded vinyl mix. Thanks for all the love and support and anyone who has taken the time to share their passion and knowledge with me and continually look forward to being surrounded by you all.


Jah Raven.

Open minded people embrace being wrong, are free of illusions, don't mind what other people think of them, they question everything, even themselves.
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