Polaroid 1.2 - Just Live That Dream.

Hey guys. I blame the lack of attention here on the vinyl. It's all I've been doing, collecting, mixing, loving, dreaming. I hope everyone is well, cause I miss each and everyone of you, even those of you I saw mere days ago. Work is over, I'm now moving my focus to crafting, sewing, mixing and creating music, if you love any of these things, please feel free to come for a hang session. Hope to see you soon.

xo Joel

Here's a few polaroid from the past few years trying to figure out how to optimize the SX-70 polaroid camera. Such a sweet little camera yet so hard to get results. I'm finding that black and white film is the only way to go, and flashes go a long way.

Once you find your way into music, there's no finding your way out.
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