Top 5 of My Favorite things 2013

2013 was unreal. Seriously just unreal. So many wonderful new people in my life, so many big changes, but still plenty of familiarity and comfort in the same old routine. Biggest change in my life is the new beauty I've been hanging around with, Tia, just the loveliest of little souls. Needless to say. I've grown, of course I have, we all do, weather it be subtle changes that no one but yourself notices or drastic contrasts of your personality altering who are and what you stand for. No matter how or what you change, as long as its intention is to positively impact the way you live, the way you treat yourself ,others and the world around you energy shifts are necessary for growth. Saying that, its human nature to always be looking forth into the future for satisfaction to come, when all can be satisfied by appreciating what you have and what goodness currently surrounds you in that very present moment. It's as easy as sitting down and acknowledging how privileged and lucky we are to have what we have, and who have in our lives. I feel blessed, happy, and encouraged to be a better person with all the beautiful people that surround me. They inspire me to be better, give me the energy to perfect what I love to do, and the ability to spread love to my fullest capacity. Life is good no matter how you look at it. As long as your loving to learn and learning from loving. Be whole, be patient, be satisfied and most of all.......most of all, be gratuitous for what you have, for what life is giving you. Because if you stay focused on the positive. You will see nothing but sun beams, rainbows, and glitter explosions even on the dreariest of days. I hope all the best to you in 2014. To start this year off on a positive note I want to share with you the top 5 of my favorite things of 2013. Enjoy.

Meeting New People.

This year was huge in the meeting new people department, it was nuts, so many beauties in such little time, it was overwhelming yet inspiring at the same time. While there are too many to mention here are some of the ones that stole my heart in the biggest way. (in no particular order)

 1. Eren Wilson - Just a pure gem. All there is to it.

 2. Remy & Melissa - I met Remy at Basscoast this year. Instant bestie. I mean instant. Ridiculous really. and behind every quality gentleman is a beautiful lady. Melissa of course. the least intimidating ninja I've ever met but I don't question her ability to round house kick someone in the face if needed, I saw hint of her potential ninja abilities when I was not just defeated but crushed in a thumb war a few nights ago. Separately incredible individuals and there togetherness makes stars align. That's right. These guys align the galaxies around themselves.

 3. Mel Akaiya - Also roped this individual into my life at Basscoast where she, Remy and I formed the trifecta which then insipred the triple threat, needless to say this festival fairy is an easy one to be around. Hyped for the day the trifecta reunites.

 4. Max Austin. This kid is plain fun. Easy to please. Easy on the eyes. Just an easy dude to be around. Top shelf. Or bottom shelf? Is the shelving unit mounted on the wall? or is it standing on the floor. Anyways which ever shelf has easiest access to be able to get at this guy, thats the shelf hes on. The good shelf.

5. Bassbus - This might be cheating, because there is a bunch of people involved in the Bassbus but there was no way I could pick just one of these beauties, it would be impossible, unfair and cruel. So i choose the Bassbus as a whole. Such wonderful people doing such wonderful things in Calgary. These folks are building a culture that Calgary so desperately needed. Building a community based on music and arts. Its needed and its necessary. Not to mention all the folks involved are not only dead sexy but incredibly talented individuals. Go figure.

Peanut Photos.

Peanut is my babe. My inspiration for life. So much patients in such a tiny creature. It melts my heart. I'm always taking photos of the little guy. Heres my favorite 5 of the year.

Camp photos.

Camp is beyond special to me. Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the season.

Analog Photos

I definitely feel I did not utilize my camera in 2013 as much as I have in the past but I'm feeling a shift into the analog world. While I didn't take a ton of photos this year I still snapped some quality, both digital and film. In a world of instant gratification wait for film to be developed is one of the true treasures in life.

Favorite Sets.

Music, if you know me, is my favorite thing ever. Its been a super good year of attending festivals, shows, and meeting wonderful like minded people along the way. Here were my favorite sets of 2013, while the set posted with the artists may not be the exact set I was present for it will give you a good idea of the sounds I was absorbed by. (in no particular order)

1. Alphabets Heaven - The Living Room - Shambhala

2. Lorne B - Hifi's northern lights - Calgary

3. Sanctums - Bassment Stage - Basscoast

4. Michael Red - Slay Bay - Basscoast

5. Mandai and Tank Gal - Slay Bay - Basscoast

Collecting vinyl.

Collecting and mixing vinyl has become a new obsession of mine. Never have I felt so absorbed and intrigued by something. It started with two house records from the 90's. I spent 3 weeks trying to figure out how to beat match and mix them by ear. The moment the mix went down that sounded right, it was an explosion of excitement. Vinyl just started flowing off the internet and into my mail box. It hasnt stopped. The hot wax just keeps on pouring in. With a new view and respect for DJing I've spent most my days mixing and learning my vinyl. It's an art. A beautiful one at that.
In no particular order these are a few of my favorite records in my collection so far.

1. Feldrecord Im Zirkus - Robosonic & Laura - Minimal house
2. Raise by Wolves - East End Dubs - Vinyl only - Minimal Dubs
3. Dark Sky - Confunktion - Bass Music
4. Format:B - Restless - House.
5. Birdmakingmachine - 003 - Minimal house.

Drinking Coffee.

I love Coffee. I don't drink a lot of coffee, but I  do go to great lengths to find the most delicious coffees. This is this years best new coffee places I've come across. This is based on how delicous their Americano is. Black.

1. John Ward - Nelson, B.C.
2. Gravity - Inglewood, Calgary, Alberta
3. Bows&Arrows, Victoria, B.C.
4. 2% Jazz, Victoria, B.C.
5. Analog - 17th ave, Calgary, Alberta

Non-Electronic Tunes.

I try to listen to regular music as much as possible to help expose the ear to different frequencies and vibes. I love it all. Really dove in to the reggae this year. GETTIN BACK TO DA ROOTS MON!






I wish you all the best in 2014. So much love and so much for reading through what and who inspired me most in 2013. Look forward to all the times I get to spend with your beautiful faces.

Overthinking ruins friendships and relationships.
Overthinking creates problems you never had.
Don't over think, just overflow with good vibes.

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