Throwbacks 1.2 - A Decade of Ski Passes.

As you all know. Or most you should. I no longer ski. I am sorry to those who feel like I am missing out or think that I have continued on to amount to nothing. I have just directed my energies to more creative, and for me, more fulfilling aspects in life and I am Enjoying every bit of it. Traveled a few winters, hanging in new places, creating wonderful things and have delved so deep into music sometimes I can't even see the light of day, I do miss hanging with the friends I made along the way while I was skiing, however I don't really miss the act of skiing itself. The process. Regardless, it was important to me for a very long time and to commemorate that time in my life, I've gathered all my old ski passes and scanned them onto the computer. Lady's and Gentleman. I present to you. The evolution....of a complete weirdo.





Act without expectation.

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