Crafts and Crap 1.2 - Thick as Thieves Leather.

I'm not sure you all know how talented my lovely fiance is. She's buckled down and just gone for it. She's got the that entrepreneurial spirit and could give a shit about working for someone else. So she's crafted up an amazing line of leather products. Herself. Hand stitched. With Love. She has been working for weeks now designing, stitching, branding, and launching her Thick as Thieves Leather Line. Needless to say. Its amazing. I had the pleasure of receiving the first wallet she ever made as a gift about a year ago and to be honest. Its the only wallet I ever had the desire to use. Until then it was loose cards everywhere. All the time. So excited about Tia's new en devour. You can check out and purchase from here website which is still in the works at OR at this weeks Market Collective in Calgary which will be held at the East Village 553 Riverfront Avenue SE.

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