Hoods&Hugs - Hot off the Line.

Been spending some time in Calgary for the past month, Landscaping, Crafting, Musicking, and staying out of trouble. I was able to put together a few Hoods&Hugs people have been asking me about whenever I've been wearing mine. Well here they are.

All the fabrics come from all over and are relatively expensive and pretty unique for the most part but the linings of each of the hoods are eco friendlier fabrics, such as soys, bamboos, organic cottons, and some other crazy kinds I don't even remember the names of. I make them all on my own. I'm looking to get $80 a hood. If you would like, I mean, LOVE one please let me know and I will make arrangements to get it to you. I will be attending Basscoast and Shambhala over the next few weeks so if you see me there and want one, get at me! I'll have them with me.

I apologize for having to use myself as a model. Time was limited. I hope sales aren't impacted by this variable.

So much love. Thanks for the interest and support.


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