Electro Swing Club - Spirit Bar, Nelson

Holy Gosh Darn IT. All I can say is the last few months have been epic. The best few of my life hands down. Camp was simply amazing, simply fucking amazing, then to come out of camp and play at my first festival, fozzy fest, was just the cherry on top. I want to apologize for the lack of content popping up on here, I've been expending my energy on all those who are currently surrounding me. Now, I'm in Calgary for a few weeks of work, hibernating, crafting, and downloading music before I head off on a wonderful summer adventure. Whatever that entails.

A few weeks ago we headed over to the Spirit Bar in Nelson for another successful and awesomely fun Electro Swing Club Nelson. It was highly enjoyed by all and as usual, Nelson showed us how good they look and how much fun they are. That town is a complete gem, not doubt about it. Here are some photos from the event.

The menu is not the meal.
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