Dare I say, Soulmate.

So as most of you have probably already and have hopefully heard the good news. This guy, yeah this guy right here, just got muthersuckin engaged, to.....dare I say.....My Soulmate. Cynthia Scheffer AKA Tia Tia Tia. Now the word soul mate has always been a word of skepticism, question, a word with ability to put one into a ponderous state, wondering, if having a soul mate was a possibility, or just something concocted by the sick and twisted to keep everyone on the hunt for something that does not exist. What about these, these, these individuals that say they have found their soul mate, should they be put in the same quarantine as the folks who have sited Sasquatch? and the ones who have been molested by aliens? Well I'm sorry to say, and feel free to immediately despatch me to the quarantine if you please, I've gone and done it, For the millionth time this year I've won, but this time I won big. Huge. PREPOSTEROUSLY MONSTROUS! I found my soul mate.

Now As you all may feel. WHOA WHAT THE SHIT! Who is this broad Joel has just entangled his being with for what looks like to be an INFINITE about of time. FOREVER! Well Tia and I go quite a ways back. And over the years, we have been the best of friends, most in contact, had the most fun, and god dammit just plain get along, with the same ambitions, and visions for the life we see for ourselves. We said god dammit, why do it separately, would make sense if.....should we maybe......do you kinda wanna..... and well GOD DAMMIT if we didn't say, IT MIGHT AS WELL BE US!

The thing about this situation is Tia and I never were officially together before the proposal, but the thing is I know her better than I've know anyone in my entire life, been more open and more honest with her than anyone. With the past few months of being scatter brained in my own right watching her leave back to montreal was huge turning point in the fact that I'm pretty sure I can't, well I could, but didn't want to live with out her being a huge part of my life, in fact HALF, she is half of who I am.... So after a few days of her absence I realized it was her birthday coming up in a couple weeks time, so what else to do than fly to Montreal unannounced for a birthday surprise. Standing on the doorstep of 4127 St Denis in Montreal I called Tia on her phone to casually wish her a happy birthday, and ask her to come outside. So, she goes outside and I receive a call on my phone, and its Tia saying "there's nothing out here" and me following up with "your address is 4127 right?" and Tia responded "no it's 4721!", "fuck, dyslexia got me again" came flying out of my mouth.

After that we agreed to meet in the middle, 4411 was the address, before I let Tia embrace me, I read her words I had written explaining, the things I adored about her, 20 moments when she won my heart bit by bit and a sampling of the 100 reasons I wrote down on why I loved her some funny, some cute, some unmentionable do to the explicit content followed by, Cynthia Scheffer Will you marry me? where I was then tackle hugged and pinned against the wall before I could put a Ring on any finger with Tia screaming "YES YES YES!" right into my ear.

Son of bitch.....It might as well be us.

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.
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