Tipi Dreams 1.4 - Power Animal Party.

Every year at camp we hold the Legendary P.A.P. (power animal party) Smear. Everyone dresses in their most favored spirit animal attire and the night unwinds into a flurry of dancing critters and strange wild and instinctual antics. World famous shamans (at least camp famous) Mike Farnan and Greg Brown step up to the The throne of the animal spirits for party attendants to draw a card from the deck of Spirit Animal cards. Your third eye is opened and you are cleansed with the smoke of sandalwood, your fate is read from the book and a future is told. You must harness the spirit of the animal you draw. Let it guide you. This year Liam and I were honored to be choosen as the shamans apprentices and got a read a few of the folks cards. Incredible. Needless to the say the party went off, high energy, great music, solid crowd right until the sun came out. Nothing beats seeing 20 people of a 40 person camp grooving on the dance floor at 6 am. So fulfilling. Here are some photos to tell the tale of the evening.

Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
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