Tipi Dreams 1.3 - Reggae On The River

A few days ago we held a new event in camp. We were given two days off if a row, which usually doesn't happen as we work three days on, one day off. Every year about mid contract we get the most talked about "two days" and every year camp is vacated, planters drive far and wide to do as much as they can with their time, but lets face it, its only two frickin days, peanuts really. I learned long ago its not even worth leaving camp for. To maximize the feeling of the length of the two days off staying in camp is key.

This year, we decided to throw a Reggae on the River party to try and keep some people around and holy shit balls was it magical. With a few special visitors and a good group of people who stuck around camp we made the most I've ever seen made of two days off. With rain starting the first day off we huddled in our tents resting well until late morning, awoke to make a huge family breakfast then immediately set up for the gathering. The event started up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon and a steady flow of high quality Reggae reverberated through out the woods near the river. Classic Reggae vibes were blasted until dark, when things turned into a super hyphy dancehall, reggeaton set by your truly, The White Owl! After the music went free, minimal, tech, house, bounce, bass, swing, and just wonderfully good times. The party carried right through till the morning and right until 9pm the next evening. Unruly amounts of fun. As people wandered in and out of the party a few stay true to the tunes and put a solid 30+ hour shift of straight sending.

I must say to this day Reggae on the River was the best two days of my life, new company, good company, and all the vibes of rasta jams! So hyped on how amazing the little event went. So blessed to be living in a such a special little camp and with Power Animal Party in just a few days, its hard to think life is going to get even better.

I have no special talents. I am only Passionately Curious.

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