Tipi Dreams 1.1 - The Dream Becomes Reality.

Sometime in November I went to hang some Christmas lights at a ladies house in Calgary and in her backyard she had a Tipi. I was excited. Never have being in a Tipi I went to check it out. Looking like a good size from the outside I crawled in. It was HUGE on the inside. Massive. Like an optical illusion. I knew immediately I wanted one. I MUST HAVE ONE!

So after some research, a few phone calls, and a pretty penny, the day as arrived. I have erected my very own Tipi. I had harvested all the poles from the forest near by camp, carried them all to my zones and cleaned them of all branches and bark, which was took days, but was so worth it. Added a whole other dimension to the process. Having to actually search for and harvest the poles was a lot more fulfilling when the structure went up.

Here's a few photos from the outside. Still working on the inside. Looking so forward to having it as a common place for making art, story time and just plain relaxing with all things babely, like friends, and dogs, and the occasional bottle of whiskey. And possibly even hosting and electric pow wow. Lazers, Bass and all.

When doing some research I found that each pole of the Tipi has a Value. A lot of the same values I hold true to my heart.

1.      Obedience – accepting guidance and wisdom from others
2.      Respect – for self and others
3.      Humility –knowing that we are not above or below others in the circle of life
4.      Happiness – showing enthusiasm to encourage others
5.      Love – love of self and love of others, not things
6.      Faith – belief in the spirit world
7.      Kinship – relationships and bonds with parents, siblings, extended relatives, knowing one’s home community
8.      Cleanliness – spiritual cleanliness
9.      Thankfulness – gratitude for life and for family
10.  Sharing – sharing knowledge, stories, traditions, for future generations
11.  Strength – spiritual strength to do things that are difficult
12.  Good Child Rearing – guidance and protection of the sacred gift of children
13.  Hope – hope that the women who are the life givers and the nurturers will carry on the teachings to bring healthy spirited people into the world
14.  Ultimate Protection – protection of the minds, spirit, emotions and health of the youth
15.  Control flaps from winds – balance in life’s journey
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