What do Slugs, Insomnia, and Eagle Feathers all have in Common?

Providing Inspiration. That's what.


While planting along one day thinking I had it rough, until I crossed paths with a slug. I stopped for a moment, and came to the realization, once again, how beautiful our lives are, and how blessed we are to be human. Not that being a slug is a bad thing, but just watching the little creature move was, well, less than exciting, compared to my usual quick pace out on the block. I realized I would cover more ground in the next 5 minutes than he might for the rest of the week, but still, I managed to watch him move for a bit. Taking his time, sussing out every leaf, every follicle of moss, and lump of soil he crossed. Carefully assessing everything. Something I feel a lot of us forget to do when caught up in big picture of life. It's the details that matter, everything little thing that makes up who we are, where we are going. I felt spending that moment with the slug was necassary, necessary to inspire, to affirm that it is okay to stop and spend time with the most minute of life details. They could easily make your day and even change your life perspective, even for a moment.

Found this skull and antlers still attached to the rest of a Deer Skeleton. Cougar kill is my guess. I'm going to clean it up and bleach the skull and have it to hang on my wall one day. It's in mint condition.

I've been spending the last while in Victoria, commuting out to Mill Bay to plant trees. While that is a big part of what I'm doing out here I'd say its a pretty minute detail in my life right now. The prevailing highlight would be living with Greg and Nicole, Two of my favorite people in the world. Just having the best laughs and the best times. I'm third wheeling on their dates super hard too, and I don't even feel bad about it. I've started calling them Mom and Dad because we just have that family dynamic. I could call them brother and sister but Greg and Nicole are dating and I don't think they would like that. Inscestual. gross! So Mom and Dad it is! Family dinners! Easter Egg hunts! Jokes! Bike rides! WEEEEE! All da fun! Days off have been great, with zero on the to do lists except for coffee and food. Life has been easy living. Low stress. Max Living.

About 3 weeks ago I got hit with a 2+ week stint of insomnia. Literally achieved nearly Zero sleep for 2+ weeks. I would go to bed thinking tonight was the night I would get a good rest and the tossing a turning commenced, 7 or 6 hours of that, just to sneak maybe 30 minutes of sleep interrupted by my 5:30am alarm . I finally learned going to bed was just a waste a time, so I would just stay awake. I've never been so productive, the mind was sharp, inspired, happy, curious. During the day I never felt tired or grumpy. I stopped consuming sugar at work around the same time the insomnia bout started up. I replaced my regular sodas and jelly bean work treats with dark chocolate covered coffee beans. I loved the beans. Eating them by the dozens during the day. To find out a few weeks later that only 3-4 beans has the same caffeine content as an espresso. Was this the problem? I guess I have no idea, I'm still eating the chocolate covered coffee beans like a bawse and getting sleep to boot! and I've never been a caffeine sensitive individual ether. The mystery will remain. All I can say is that two weeks of insomnia was the most motivated and inspired I've ever been. Strange but lovely.

Labradourite sphere that I could spend hours starting into.

Today I was dropped off on one of the most epically gnarly pieces of land I've ever had to plant. I loved it. Was a big challenge, lots of cliff faces, no fall zones and just straight gnar. There were several moments where I thought a serious rag doll down the slope was going to commence, but balance was fought for and I won every time. No fucks were given on this block. Not a single one. I owned it. As I dropped into the land for the first bag up of the day I thought to myself, a guy could really use some wings so safely navigate this slope and sure enough, one of the most beautiful and biggest eagle feathers I've ever seen was presented to me leaning up against a stump. Thanks universe.

Feather of my Dreams.

Can you spot me? I'm in pile of gnar somewhere! I promise!

With a few more weeks left of coastal plant and the gears are turning in the brain, as they have for the last few months, looking so forward to get to camp at canal flats and get my zone set up. With so many new additions and plans this year I'm finding it hard to think of anything else. SO SYKED BABY!!!!

I hope you are all doing what you love and surrounding yourselves with the ones you love. I will be back in Calgary in a few weeks time and Fernie shortly after that. I can't wait to see your beautiful faces!

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