Simple addition for the best day ever.

Why don't you play this jam while your reading my junk. Greg shared this with me. Its a gooder.

I was going to write about how Monday was the best day of my life. But it turns out yesterday was the best day ever, and then today better. It's strange. Or is it? Everyday can be the best day of your life no matter what the circumstances, as long as your learning, observing, changing and absorbing. Your growing as you human. Whether your knowledge is being absorbed by another or your absorbing the knowledge from another, or if the knowledge is being created from within, there is so much greatness and reward in all aspects. 

Monday was extra special though. I'm just going to break it down as simple as I can.

2 good byes to the best roomies Friends ever.
First ferry
0 Clouds
1 Rachael Wells
1 Tasha Graham
3 super smoothies
2 Many big hugs
Infinite good vibes
2 good snapchats
1 Hannah Lunn
1 epic americano
20 minutes on76 bus route bench
0 buses were ridden
5 pounds of sushi
1 more hug
1 good snapchat
1 exciting phone call regarding electro swing endeavors
3 conversations with crazy hope locals
1 blue moose americano
2 much highway
2 many vegetables
4 good snapchats
1 Curtis Lamey
1 Mike donaldson
2 more hugs
20 more laughs
1 cup of regular coffee
1 facebook message that melted my heart (will be further discussed below)
1 pull over by the cops
3 violations
1 warning
1 happy boy
1 coyote
1 destination reached
8 mail parcels of internet shopping goodness.
1 Happy Peanut
1 Hug from Mom.
Infinite Bliss
4:30 am 

I've always kept this blog more or less for myself, apparently people read it. That's way cool and blows my mind. I'm grammatically retarded and ill composed when it comes to writing. I really do my best here and keeping this blog has helped me over the years in not being completely retarded. With that being said, the whole no one reads this shit, I received one of the most fulfilling, feel good messages I've ever had dropped in my inbox, from a planting friend whom I planted with many years ago by the name of Dominique Matejczuk. Total gem of a human being, but I haven't seen or heard from her until a few days ago when I received this message from her,

Dear Joel,
I must tell you that once in awhile you post something and i look at it, and it brings me to your blog, and shitgoddamnman. YOU are an inspiring work of art! TRULY. I mean this, your sweet words, and what you put out is so good and has shone light to help me out of really dark places.

Thank you for this this from the bottom of my beaming heart to yours.
Continue on, blessings and love, a huge high five, and stars for your crown,

My heart filled with an energy like I've never felt before. To inspire someone, I believe, is one of the most amazing things you can do in life, and to know that you have, is just a feeling comparable to none and for someone to take the time out of their day to let you know that is just the most... GAHHHHHHHH!!!! My heart is full.

Receiving that note taught me so much about insignificance and the fact that it is non-exsistant. The littlest notion, interaction or words can have huge effects on others whether they have any significance to you or not. I can recall a few moments in my life where some a small notion or wise words from another has sent my being and ways of thinking 180 degrees and have created who I am. To look back and see how small some of these little impressions were its unreal to think where you ended up from them. Every interaction with every human being, or situation creates who you are, small or big, you grow from them all. So embrace all. Embrace change. Embrace the negative and then fuck that shit up and make some POSITIVE SOUP AND EAT THAT SHIT FOR LUNCH!

I'm going to leave you with our Victoria family photo! So much love to all that reads this blog. Heading to camp friday, lots of photos and other stuff to be coming soon! :D

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.

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