Make Art. Not.....Um....Just love Art.

Browsing the internet the other day trying to find some ideas to throw together a logo for The White Owl! I came across some amazing stuff and was able to speak with a artist named Patricia Birkholz via Etsy who was glad to let me use one of her AMAZING drawings as a logo. I guess the right key words in google led me to her and I'm so glad they did. So I took the original drawing and added some of my own splashes to it to create this logo. I bought the original drawing too, I am ecstatic to have it as my own. There is just so many incredibly talented people in this world you just never know what, when and where your going to find something that resonates so deep with your soul. You can check out the rest of Patrica art here,

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.

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