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Hey friends!

Its been a while, but Since the last post, which was the masquerade photos, I've packed up and moved my life to Victoria for the time being. To plant some trees, Hang with some friends, and vibe out the lovely city this is turning out to be!

The first shift of planting was a slap in the face, a shift of waking up feeling and bitching like a 90 year old and we were back into planting shape. This past day off I was feeling just super about life until a car decided to turn into me while bike on the road. Let me tell you. I don't recommend this ever happen to you. After some stitches and some sleep I woke up feeling and bitching like a 90 year old again, Back where I started. But seriously I have no complaints, there about 50 different scenarios where that accident could have been worse and I think I got the best of it. Who knew there could be a best way to be hit by a car. Super grateful today is all I can say.

So happy to be living in Vic and getting to know the city and find some rad places to eat and drink coffee and seeing a bit of music when the schedule allows and getting to hang with my favorite planting friends makes it an easy place to be right now and Having the best roommate ever, Greg Brown, makes life a lot easier.

Hope you are all doing super well, cause I know I am.
So much love to you all.

 Happiness on the block.

I'm Going to leave you with the 5 Simple Rules for Happiness.

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2.Free your mind from worries
3.Live Simply
4.Give more
5.Expect Less
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