The Light Hangers Dilemma. Dilemma no more.

Life just keeps on rolling. Rolling out the most special times it could possibly offer. I'm super happy, but sad all in the same moment, Calgary has been so good to me, so many new people, and such a wonderful little community that revolves around music, art, love and connection. It kills me to have  found exactly what I've been looking for all these years and have to leave it so soon. On top of that I have to leave my beauty Charlotte behind for a little while as well, the most amazing being who swept me off my feet and introduced to me to this wonderful little Calgary community of Characters, talent, and beauties.

The last few weeks has been amazing, played some electro swing shows out in Fernie and Nelson, both which were well received. After all the fun epic times I've spent out in nelson, this was the most fun and most special, so many beauties dressed right up and having a right wonderful time. This present weekend we through and Electro-Swing Mystery Masquerade at the Village brewery. The attendees were picked up by the bass bus from a meeting area then taken to the "secret" location where the even was being held. Amazing turn out, amazing venue, and the most quality of people. Photos will be available soon from the event.

Now. The light setup/takedown has come to a close, more work than I bargained for, its now Victoria bound. To live with my brother from another mother G-Brown, to plant some trees, drink some whiskey, and probably get some tattoos. I'm super excited about this opportunity to live in Victoria as I've been accepted to PDA(Pacifc design academy) for graphic design start fall 2013, so its going to be a good way to check out this city and see what its all about (Greg if your reading this, this is the good news I had for you, we can hug when we get there, forever, or at least the two years I'm in school.)

Life has been a treat, a real treat. So many talented, super humans in my life. Last week, I was able to pick up some new tattoos from a few these people I'm surrounded by. A stain glass Owl by davis and a water color chickadee by Kent, both new at tattooing but growing talent at exponential rate. So proud of these boys.

Stay tuned for coastal adventures and life stories. Love you to bits.

And Calgary. Thanks for being so wonderful.


A few of my Light Jobs from this past season.

Nobody is Perfect.....Until you fall in Love with them.
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