Hey everyone! Its been a while I know... I've been pretty full on with working, dancing, having fun, playing music and working on a bajillion little projects that I'm loving right now.

A new little en devour I've embarked on is this little hoods&hugs and project. I love sewing. Alot. So I decided to create a little Hoods project inspired by the sunrise sets at music festivals. Something warm and wonderful to bring the night into the day. Also to wear for any other application which requires awesome and warmth and looking amazing.   :)

Just finished perfecting the hoods and figuring out all the little alterations and sneaky little stitches you can do to make sewed items just wonderfully lovely! When I was in Vancouver for new years we stopped at an amazing little fabric store that offered up so many inspiring, fun to work fabrics. Being in calgary I find it a bit harder to come across the gems.

Lovely Charlotte and I went out for a few little photos shoots to capture some of the hooded creations. Unfortunately none of these are for sale. Actually The Purple one is up for grabs. $40.
But once I'm done planting and get my hands on some new amazing fabrics and I get a bit more time I'm gunna make up a bunch before festival season hits to give beautiful people a chance to look more beautiful. They will priced according to how much the fabrics cost. Some will be more than others, but its probably cause the fabric is next level amazing.

The Crayon box.

 The Grape.

The Desert Flower

 Rainbow Pulse.

Love has the power of making you believe what you would normally treat with the deepest suspicion.
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