Top 5 of my Favorite things in Life of 2012

Well there we have it 2012 is a wrap, and we're still living, and I can almost guarantee we're all living well, the fact that your reading this through a intricate web of wires, connections, and electricity that might even go to space and back, on a piece of over priced over engineered piece of plastic and silicon says a lot about how good we have it.

Quick little recap on 2012, best year of my life hands down, so many amazing people, so many amazing places, hands down, just plain fun and simplicity. The key..... they key..... You can't change the past, and you can never arrive at the future, life is in constant motion and only ever available in the present moment. So take what you have right now. Max it. Love it. Live it. Be there, be here, be content, be happy. Easier said than done but when and if applied......2013 might be the best year of your life. I know its going to be mine.

Anyways down to business. TOP 5 of my FAVORITE THINGS in life.


Meeting new people is one of my favorite things in life. This year I felt like I met alot of amazing people whos personalities, happiness and character really stuck with me and fed me inspiration, which makes me think of them often. I'm sure I could easily write an entire essay on why I love each of these individuals so much but I'm not going to. I know I met a lot of amazing people this year and you all resonate with me, but these 5 came to mind quickest. Here's my 5 favorite people I physically met in 2012.

Charlotte Daydreams Blundell - Sweetest little sweet potato ever. Incredibly unique spirit. Incredibly talented artist. Incredibly delightful to be around. I met this one when she randomly came up to me minding my own business at a Stanton Warriors show to tell me what she was going to be for Halloween. Glad she did.

Sam "Bumbershoot Fiddlesticks" - A tall skinny mother fucker, and as a tall skinny mother fucker myself, its hard not love other tall skinny muddafackas. Plus hes got red hair and apparently he can ride a bicycle. Good for him.

Tia Tia Tia - Tia accepted all my 3,4,5,6,7,9,&10 am calls through out the summer after long nights of sending it, she would read me bed time stories. True friend. 

Alec Toller & Holly Wood - Met these two vegans getting off the bus in chachapoyas, we immediatly went for breakfast and not long into breakfast Alec made a filthy joke involving Hollys vagina and some other gross things. I knew right then we were going to be the best of friends. Traveled with these kids for a few weeks. Two weeks of extremely dirty jokes and drinking vino in the town plazas.

Dylan Berger - This kid has more energy than a particle of sun, he just bounces around like a mad man, plus you just wanna give him tackle hugs all the time, because a normal hug would be too "calm". Love this kid.

Listening to Music.

My 5 favorite tracks of the un-electronic genre. Some of these are new to me this year, others I've had in my song bank for years, but year after year they never get old. Some of these were put on the repeat this year. Love em.

Attend Shows.

Also know as "Dance Parties". These were my favorite sets of the year hands down. Big vibes, big smiles, with a bit of bass and a lot of hugs.

-El Papa Chango - Shambhala Music Festival - Beach Stage - Sunrise Set

-Kastle - Dicken Pub - Calgary

Philth Kids Crew - Pig Roast Rave - Castlegar

Librarian - Hifi Club - Calgary

Kid Koala - Space Cadet Tour - Calgary

Taking Analog Photos

 Holga - Palm Leaves in Mancora, Peru.

 Holga - Cloud Formation Near Chachapoyas, Peru.

 Holga - Cerro Torres

 Polaroid - Calgary mural near Inglewood.

Polaroid - Self Portrait.

 Cerro Torres - Rarley uncovered by clouds, universe loved me this day.

 Lakit Lookout - Short hike, epic views, amazing little cabin, so nice I went twice.

 Torres del Paine - Like I mean there's fuckin rainbow shooting across the sky, how could this no be in the top 5. We had champagne to boot and condors soaring. Like I mean seriously. I'm sure there's a unicorn lair here.

 Laguna 69, Peru - The lake matches my jacket. It musta new I was coming.

Mount Fisher - We summited there was guy smeared with face paint playing the bag pipes and there were swords. Legit.

Taking Digital Photos.
 Beach is Fiyah.

 The Raven Perches.

 Smoke on the water.

 Mountains split light.

Hands on.

Mixing Music

These were some of my favorite tracks to mix this year. Love that past time.

Peanut Times.
For all of you who know me, and probably all of you who don't you probably have a good idea how much I love my little dog peanut. This little man makes my world revolve. Nothing will wake you up in the morning faster than this little bastard pouncing on your face, and nothing can keep you in bed longer than listening to him snore the day away. This little package bring me more joy than I could ever possibly imagine. So patient, so loyal, so loving. Heres my 5 favorite snap shots of the little monster this year. 

Drinking Beer.
1. Howe Sound - King Heffy
2. Innis+Gunn - Rum Finish
3. Hitachino Nest - Red Rice Ale
4. Hacker-Pschoer - Weisse
5. Tofino Brewing Co. - Tuff Session Ale

Eating Out.
1. The Coup - 17th Ave Calgary - Super good Veggie/Vegan food. Satay bowl is my Choice.
2. The Naam - 4th St W Vancouver - 24 hour Veggie/Vegan food. Home of the epic Na'am Miso Gravy.
3. Buddah Veggie Garden - Mcleoud trail Calgary - FAKE MEATS! all fake meats. SO GOOD - Ginger beef is BANGER.
4. QQ Sushi - Broadway Vancouver. - Any of the veggie rolls are super good, best deal around, 15$ will get you enough for lunch and dinner.
5. Holy Grill - 10th ave Calgary - Panninis, veggie burgers, yam fries, wicked staff. My jam is the Sicilian no cheese add avocado.

Drinking Coffee(all new coffee shops from the 2011 listing)
1. Bean Here now, Mobile pop up in Nelson
2. Le Falco - Montreal
3. Stick in the Mud - Sook, Vancouver Island
4. Caffe Rosso, Calgary
5. Communitea, Canmore

As you all know I sign off with a little quote at the end of all my blog posts. Well I try to. I'd say my favorite of the year was.......


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