Roast that Coffee.

I've grown a love for coffee that may exceed my love for most things in life, peanut and music aside. I've been dialing in brewing techniques and methods, trying all sorts of roasts from different roasters, just zoning in on that perfect cup of coffee. The one where you take a sip and nearly fall over because what just hit your taste buds is beyond unbelievable. Which is why I try and take my first few sips of a coffee seated.

Recently I decided to take the coffee game to the next level and ordered some green beans(unroasted coffee beans), to try out roasting my own beans at home. After a bit of research, and sifting through several methods I decided the stove top popcorn maker would be best suited to my arrangement and away I went. I used organic Sumatran beans for this roast.

Its really hard to believe that you aren't burning the beans as smoke pours out of the popcorn maker. You reach the acquired roast by paying attention to the color and lacquer of the bean as it darkens, as well as paying attention to the sound of the cracking of the beans which will also tell you what stage of the roasting process they are at. Slowly but surely you end up with a roasted coffee bean. Which immediately smells like burnt toast but after cooling and sitting for a while slowly begins to smell like deliciously roasted coffee beans.

The bean is best to sit for 24 hours to fully to allow for the aroma and flavor to fully develop and the rest period allows the excess C02 to dissipate and allow the beans chemistry to stabilize.

Next blog post will take you through my brewing process and will let you know the results of how delicious or how vomit inducing my first attempt at roasting beans went!

Life is simple: I want to be in love, drink good coffee, and ride my bike.