Hello friends. It's been a while. Yes it has. I've been spreading Christmas joy so thick over the city of Calgary people are suffocating. It's not a good situation but I can't stop. Joy is all I have to give. For the most part. Unfortunately this post doesn't carry the best of news which is probably why I've putting off announcing a decision I made weeks ago. The government decided it wasn't in the cards to lend me a reasonable amount, or should I any amount of money to pay for schooling. Bummed am I? not really, just means I can't really go to school as soon as I thought. So for the time being I'm just gunna put my head down and work and continue to love life until the end of planting season in July and see where life takes me after that. Most likely Vancouver. I'm coming. I swear. Just need to approach it from the right angle.

The thing about life is that no matter how much you plan or anticipate things. Shit does and can go awry and its really those moments in life that are awesome. As much as they can be not awesome, if you embrace it and roll with it, doors are always open and to be completely honest with all ya'll mafuckas, I'm pretty happy with not going to school right away. The thing that really saddened me the most is not being close to my favorite people that live in Vancouver. The majority of them I'll see in planting camp super soon. The rest. I'll come out for a visit in the new year for sure.

With those words being said... I love you all dearly. And I'll see you very soon.

Here an epic mix from Parker out of the UK.

And my latest electro swing mix if you haven't head yet it.
  Unicorns Dance To This. by Party With Vegetables

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