Happy Birthday to G-MoFREAKIN-BROWN!!! Plus Mix.

Greg happens to be one of my very favorite people in the world. Much so that he deserves a blog post for his birthday. And this little hip hop mix I cooked up just for him just right now for his special day! YIPPEEEEEEE! Get some SWAGGA BOY! Have the best birthday ever.

White Owl Whiskey is your friend today. As well as the rest of the days of the year.


Love ya.

Just picked up a bunch of tracks and mixed it up first try, needless to say I havent even listened to some of these tracks all the way through let alone mixed them, and on top of that, GOD DAMN hip hop is hard to mix. SHEEEEEEET few fails but for the most part it should keep yo swagga swaggggggin.

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