A Rip to the Coast and Back.

Just spent the last two weeks just having a really nice time on the road. Stopping in Nelson on the way to and the way back from Vancouver/The Island. Between all the stops, there was lots of epic fun, dancing, weird times, good times, naps, snuggles, shit coffee, amazing coffee, hugs, friends, surf, and watching people get arrested for smoking crack. I'd say a bit of everything went down on the trip.

Saw just the best of friends for sure. As always. Hit the island with Mr. Tanner to tear Victoria and its nearest waves apart with Mr. Greg Brown. And as expected it was a good time. Especially when Greg and I got our serious gangsta swag on by singing along to all our favorite 90's hip hop bangers intimidating anyone with in 100 km radius. Its just how we do.

After that we weaved and swerved our way to Tofino with a brief stop in Port Alberni to shake it down with some extremely awesome people from the canal flats planting family. By the time we reached Tofino all we really had energy for was to climb a tree and take several naps on the beach followed by a 13 hour sleep on the side of a logging road. Useless would not even begin to describe our state.

Back to Van for some epic city adventure, friend visits, horrendous amounts of sushi and visit to VCAD. The super awesome school I'm gunna be attending starting Janurary! HOORAY FOR EDUCATION!

Nelson on the way there included a super fun Neon Steve show, and this amazing Dance Machine Party out near Castlegar which included some of the best music I've heard in a long time at a super cool venue! YIPEE!!!! Then fishing with three of my favorite people to fish with in the world, Spencre, Curtis and Jonny for an obviously splendid day on the Columbia.  and Nelson on the way back included a Humans show which was obviously a super nice time. Lots of nice walks, good coffee, kitchen dancing, family dinners and freaking DELICIOUS BEER! YAY for PIZZA AND PAD THAI and nice FRIENDS!!!

 I have sad news. I lost deli blend somewhere in kamloops when I stopped to take a photo of him.
If found please return.

 Searching for paradise. With right company it can be anywhere.

 Peanut wants his cut.

 Oh ya.

 one dance floor session + one surf session = this.

 Took me the WHOLE day to get a good shot of Whitney!


Deli Blend and Mom.

You remind me of home.
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