Bakat at Lakit With Deli Blend the Unicorn.

I know I know. Its been a few weeks since I've graced you with one of my wonderful nonsensical rambles of a blog post mixed with a flurry of average images and less than witty jokes. Spent 13 of 14 days working my little tail off followed by a wonderful little early September vacation, where I went Fernie - Calgary where I saw M83, Calgary - Banff, Banff - Lakit Lookout, Lakit lookout - Fischer peak, Fischer Peak- Fernie, fished in Fernie, then went Fernie - Nelson via ferry route, then Nelson - Fernie via the pass. Epic few days of driving but some of the most fun I've and this summer, there was a trio of Co- Pilots which included Peanut, Deli Blend the Unicorn and Miss Hannah Lunn, my newest funnest little creature friend, which created an ultimate time for adventure crushing.

After having such a wonderful solo mission to Lakit ealier this summer where I aquired which may have been the best sleep I've ever had in my life, I felt I needed to head back. So that we did. This time I came preprared with two dozen golf balls and a Driver. At the top we met another trio plus a dog who awesome. So we just hung right the freak out and just had the best of times. Kept a little fire going which allowed us to sleep in T-shirts, wonderful.

A good portion of the night was spent watching some of the most defined stars I've ever seen in my life and it was next level magical, epic shooting stars were included, as well as a splash of northern lights and red moon rise. Sunrise was nothing less than incredible, and after smashing a few golf balls into the new day brilliant beams of light we headed down to hike fischer peak, which will be covered in the next blog post! JEA JEA!

Love you all.

The greatest prayer is patience.
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