Bagpipes 'n' Sword Fights atop Fisher Peak.

After having a wonderful nights sleep, and by wonderful I mean wonderful until the fire in the Lakit Lookout cabin decided to call it quits for the night and left me scrambling for anything warm which I had discarded when the fire was raging hot earlier in the night, nonetheless we woke up to see the most wonderful sunrise. After greeting the newest beams of sun to the planet earth we scurried down to the truck for some freaking weird coffee and some epically delicious oatmeal, speaking of which I might make myself a bowl right freaking now, and going little off topic I'm making and effort to say the f word, yes, fuck, a little less and thereby replacing it with freak, so far its going well until I get excited and the f bomb just starts flying outta my mouth. I blame it on planting. Just can't leave the potty mouth in the woods.

After a bit of logging road navigating and a few hours later we were at the trail head for Mt. Fisher at around 11 am. Not an early start by any means, but we hiked from where we slept to the truck. I mean thats pretty bad ass, hiking to your vehicle to go do a hike. So cool. Right?

There is really about 10 minutes of bench/flat ground on the Fisher peak hike. From the car the trail shoots straight up for ever, then benches out for a bit, then shoot straight up forever to the peak which constantly has you in a daze because you are spending the whole time trying to figure out how the freak a trail is going to make it way to the top of the super rugged peak. Bat shit Cray.

We were hippin and hoppin from rock ta rock while peanut bounced around behind us showcasing that he has better rock climbing skills that 99.99999999999999999999 percent of the rest of the worlds human population, we slowly grabbed our way to the summit and when we were just shy of the summit Hannah turns to me and says, "you hear that?, bagpipes!". I said bullshit. Then we arm wrestled and I won so I threw her off the peak. Kidding. But we did get into a sword fight.

Sure enough there was a dude smeared in face paint with a beach towel that was made to look like a kilt wrapped around his waist with an extremely out of tune bagpipe in his hands. Hilarity. It was half a party up top at the peak, they even packed in swords. These guys were committed. Big time. I thought dragging up Deli Blend the Unicorn was serious business. Wrong. Even though Deli Blend was extremely happy to be up there! Unicorns love mountains, and eating wild flowers, and taking sparkle baths.

Time was enjoyed a top the freaking peak. That's about it. The walk down took as long as up, maybe longer, and a wrong turn lead us down a pretty hairy trail next to a waterfall. When looking back we could not even come close to figuring out how we got down. My legs were dead sore of about 3 days following, as in, Getting out of bed was a process, even walking was asking too much. I might hike that shit again, but not tonight, I gotta go to bed.

Love you all. Exponentially.


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