Try it, you'll Lakit.

After an extremely hefty evening of backpacking booze through the back alleys of fernie, stashing it, dancing, uncovering the stash, getting up to no good, running from skunks, shotgunning beers, swilling whiskey and acting for more hood than we actually could ever take credit for (see pic below) I decided a overnight cabin mission was in order the next day.

When I finally managed to peel myself out of bed the next day, without having to head straight for the bathroom for a hefty series of healthy vomiting into the porcelain throne, at around 5:30, hungover as shit, I collected my gear for a nights stay in the Lakit lookout cabin. Was I in any condition to be hiking to the peak of a mountain? Hell no, which was proved the few pull overs I had to make on the side of the highway just to evacuate the final molecules of booze still swimming around in my stomach en route to fort steel. Navigated this wonderful little logging road as I was finally able to introduce, and keep down, electrolytes into my body, yes, fluids, mmmmmMMMmm. Sometimes you just gotta go big just to keep yourself in check ya know? It happens to the best of us.

When I arrived at the trailhead I geared up and sent it upwards. I had no idea how long it actually took me to get up there but lets just say it really wasn't all that long. When I got to the top I was feeling like a champ, sweated it right out.Like I was really sweating, profusely, on a somewhat moderate hike. It was nappy as.....MATE!

The cabin is this well built, super clean, amazingly placed, structure of awesome. Only one bed in it, so if your party is more than one, your on the floor, luckily my party was me and peanut, winning, I know, I really know how to pick the party size. As I watched the sunset and contemplated life(what else do you by yourself on the peak of a mountain watching the sunset) I soaked up everything, the birds, the bees, the trees, the sunset, the coconut water that was replacing the much needed electrolytes that I had lost the night before, and I was even enjoying the company of the mosquitoes.

After the sun did set I retreated to the cabin, put on some Eddie Vedder, and enjoyed quite possibly the best sleep I've ever had. Literally. It was amazing. As the wind blew outside the cabin stayed quiet. It didn't creak, or moan or make weird sounds that kept you guessing what kind of wildlife was surrounding the cabin. In the morning I awoke to a sunrise, fucking obviously, with a taint of smoke hanging in the sky it made for amazing sun rays beaming past the silhouettes of the mountains. Possibly one of the coolest sunrises, I've witnessed. With Fischer peak, which I plan on conquering later this summer, staring back at me, we enjoyed the sunrise together. Hanging out I noticed this golden marmot hanging out near by, the thing was huge, bigger than peanut, and looked like a cross between a golden doodle puppy, and a Guinea pig. Thing was epically awesome. Peanut thought a wrestling match might be in order, but after quickly informing him he would probably loose he changed his mind and decided sunrise viewing would be more relaxing and less dangerous. Smart dog.

Anyways enjoy the photos. Much love.

 I lovit.

 Fuckin peace.

 Ninja hiking.

 Hi Fischer. I'll talk to you later mmmk?

So much truth to this.
Looking lovely rules.
People who look lovely.....Rule.