Gone Fishing.

Hey there ladies and gentleman. Been just soaking up the love that's life, spending everyday on the magical elk river guiding wonderful humans to catching beautiful trout. Hanging out with peanut who happens to love fishing more than most fisherman I know!

The other day I got to take one of my most beautiful friends Leah for a float down the river, while she was able to get a lot of big fish to eat the fly, she was a little too sweetheartish on the hook set, which left alot of trout in the river and not in the net. Regardless I'd say she crushed it out there, and we landed a few little beauties to make the day that much more wonderful!



I've been keen to make another short fly fishing film this season, so Curt, Spence and I missioned out to a small wonderful little stream for a day of fishing. One thing I can tell you is that trout don't live in ugly place. We scored some really nice footage too! Stay tuned!

 Oh yeah. Thats a tree, over a creek, and yes, that's a carrot in my mouth!

Doing what you like is freedom, Liking what you do is happiness.

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