Planting 2012. That shits a WRAP!

My heart is saddened by the departure of all my favorite people from my life, back into their real lives. Planting is almost this escape from reality and while its on, its it. Not much else matters cause your are just surrounded by the most awesome people the universe could possibly throw at you. There always people around to vibe off of and talk with and just generally get awesome with. This planting season was especially magical. It was just this special blend of amazing people who gelled super well and the party scene was, well, EPIC! Anyways Here is the last few shots of our time Revelstoke where the ground was a steep as shit and the mosquito's were like clouds of smoke.

Being back in Fernie the summer is feeling good already. I love this town. Love the people here. So you should call me. Lets go hiking, biking, swimming, frolfing, dog walking, and coffee drinking. Just live the dream in general.

Camp Looks pretty lonely with out camp.

I want someone who grabs my soul and sets my heart on fire.
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