Microwave that Sunset cause it's Summer!

I'm going to go ahead and say this is a pretty FREAKING special post. Its my 201st Blog post since I fired up mind of a raven a few years ago! At this moment I'm sitting at a wonderful 15,100 posts. That's roughly 75.1243781 views per post. This makes me extremely happy. Some might say Blissful. I'll say blissful. Thanks to all you guys. Seriously. Ask me for a hug next time you see me. I'll give ya one for free! FREE!!!!! Also this is my first official post of summer! Gosh I love summer. Do you? Yeah you do. Pretty much all my posts since I've been back from South America have been inspired by planting, the people who surround it and the activities that went down there. So now.... I am happy to introduce you to summer. Summer this is blog, blog this is summer. NICE TO FUCKIN MEET YOU SUMMER!!!!! While I'll be working a lot I'm going to do my best to keep flowing you entertaining and the most lovely of blog posts.

Went and checked out the Microwave towers for a sunset a few nights ago with the DORISHARK! Man was it pretty. The view from up there is the most incredible. One of my favorites for sure. You get a rad view of the backside of Fischer peak in the distance and in this case the sun set itself right on it. Magic. Sunset. Magic. Bear grass blossoms. Magic. Magic? Yeah. Magic.

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