Hosmer Mountain. Its aight...if ya like hikes.

Was super keen the other day to "get after it" as some would say, basically to get up to some hiking. Now after staring at the wonderful Hosmer mountain, from the river as I drifted by in my boat or from town during a sunset, sneaking a peak at the Ghostrider for countless years, I decided it was time for me to get up there and stare back down. Switch the point of view. Just get on top. So I got up super early pounded like three cups of coffee and headed to trailhead. Now the trail head is not marked. I just assumed that this trail, which was about a foot wide, buried in nipple deep thimble berry and other greenery, and made second guess the fact that I may be just following a popular goat route. But as the trail went on switch back after switch back, up and up the greenery became less and the trail more distinct which put my, thoughts of getting or being lost at ease.

Hike was pretty epic to say the least, your always gaining elevation, very little flat ground, lots of switch backs and even a little snow! POW POW! Once you get near the peak its pretty much over, the view from beside the peak is well worth the hike and plenty AWESOME!! but awesome just wasn't going to cut it for me right now, I needed RADICAL! I CRAVED radical! So I lingered for a while deciding weather it would be a good idea to put my limited rock climbing skills to use to try and summit the peak. Eventually ego over came and I went for the summit. I told Peanut and Rilo to hang tight which they didn't seem to mind knowing that over the edge was a long way down to the valley floor. Scramble up to the top for a big win, snapped some photos, spent a bit of time loving life as usual. Then descended back down, which for me, is always scarier then going up. Really sweet hike. I was at the trail head at about 8:30 and down by noon and probably spent around 45 minutes at the top hanging out and soaking it in. All though I did run most of the way down its a pretty quick hike if you want it to be! Seriously check it out! Your gunna LOVE IT!!!!! POW!

 Seriously Shredding pow in vibram five fingers. I know it looks like I'm standing but there is some serious speed going on in this photo.

Fuckin Flowers!

 This is where you end up comfortably walking to, past this, is a skinny little ridge to shimmy along and then a climb up the middle of that face.

 This dog gets epic. 

 Seriously. This bagle. Check it. Vegan cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, Avocado, Cucumber, Stoneground mustard, and ginger. SNAP. and there were TWO OF EM!

I immediately became obsessed with these little fluffy balls of amazingness. Gosh they are cute. I feel like they could be from Avatar.

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.