Glacier Lilies for Lunch.

Hot diggity dog! After just a wonderful week of eating amazing food, dancing our faces off,  and just plain relaxing, we are back on the block. In Keremeos. Yes there is cherries, and yes there is sunshine. The planting is like a cheese fondue, excessively creamy and unsuitable for vegan consumption but sometimes you just gotta make an exception. BOOM! exception made. Planting our way through burnt forests and luscious meadows almost makes it feel like a wonderful walk through woods minus the weight of the trees and the need to bend over every 2.5 meter to jam one of these little trees into the brown sugary like awesome that we are calling DIRT. Was able to snap a few photos today on the block, so here there are. To Share with you. All you lovlies that make my life 100% better than it was before. I'm currently riding at a 200% life awesome index. Not bad for a white boy from suburbia.

Love you all. Thanks for the blog love and fun, maybe even reckless, times in Fernie this past week. I will be back soon, for longer, in a big way. LEZZGO!

 Seriously though. Glacier lilies for Lunch.

Need I say more about how sick this helmet is?

"Life is Simple: I want to be in love, drink good coffee and ride my bike"

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