Burns, Skinny Dips, and 'stache Be Gone.

So I'd like to start off this post by paying some respect to the mustache I just shaved off my face. It was a good ride but I just couldn't do it any longer. It had to go. It was emotional for the both of us but I've moved on, and left the hairs from my upper lip in the a Keremeos Motel drain. Peace 'stache.

Last week or so has been spent planting in the blistering heat but shaded by the wonderful remains of a burn forest. Often planting along little creeks or brooks for a refreshing head dunk or delicious mouth full of water from the forest. Some of the most beautiful planting pieces I've ever seen. Working some rock picnics and skinny dipping into the mix on the block as well. Essentially just planting harder to make a little extra time to enjoy the scene. After wrapping up in Keremeos, we just arrived Revelstoke, taking two days of camping, swimming, beachin', eating, and just absorbing the pure bliss that is summer to get here. One more shift of planting then it's over. Back to absorb the beautiful Fernie summer guiding the days away and continuing to love life to the maximum. See you soon Fernie.

We bought this shirt for Bob at the bar in Keremeos. Its says....Going up the Ashnola. Which is the name of the forestry service road we had been planting up for the contract. HAHAHAHAHA!

 Just rockin out on a block rock.

Millie just pounding away.

 Epic block cool down.

 Cool it.

 Hitchin rides outta the walk in.

 Silver Lake. Camp night one.


 Frog falls camp ground. Night two.

The Nine Millie-meter. Getting gangst with a new era cap. She said it was for the sun but I think it was for the street cred.

 Wap Lake

We camp efficiently. 5 cars. One tent.

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

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