How Bisaro.

OH YES! Camp may be over but adventure and party time continue! FULL FORCE. Today we decided to go for a little late day adventure to Bisaro cave where a river literally comes out of the cave. Its honestly wondrous. Plain Magic how a river could come from.... well who knows where. Its about an hours hike in on Heiko's trail up the Hartley lake road, super amazing drive and totally worth the little walk.  Cool little trails with water falls, awesome ladders and stairs, and RIVER CAVES!!! CHYEAAAA!

Pulled up to the trail head and the weather didn't seem to be on our side for the moment so we shut it down for a beautiful little power nap and the fired up with some delicious Quinoa Chocolate then proceeded to crush trails in our barefoot running shoes. We really just won is how it goes, seems to be a rule of thumb these days. To top off the amazingness that was the day, and life in general, we saw a LYNX on the way home, it sauntered across the road into the woods where we stopped and watched for a two full minutes before it wandered it away. It seemed as genuinely interested in us as much as we were with it. Simply amazing. The eye contact was amazing. Such a beautiful little creature built to do amazing things.  Like kill little bunny rabbits. It also peed in front of us. Which I thought was pretty legit.

Highly recommended little adventure. As for Hartley lake road its not a rarity to see a truck full of hicks tossin back Budwisers with a truck box full of broads slammin' palm bays and sending it full force down the logging road with only two goals, hitch bangin and gettin wasted. Made our truck full of coconut water and fair trade chocolate seem like an illegitimate presence on the road. 

 Peanut dropping into one of the gnarliest lines I've ever seen him take. This shit is straight down.

 Barefoot shoes trekking team canada.


 Piggybacks through the flooded trails. No need to soak two pairs of shoes.

Piggybacks are fun.

Past few mornings we've been making these AMAZING Vegan Buckwheat pancakes Courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow, its about time shes givin the world something worth talking about, cause her movies aren't worth any words. But hot damn, throw one of these pancakes in your mouth and give that lady a motherfuckin oscar cause these cakes are GOOD! Check that shit out HERE.

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