Harnessing the Spirits of our Animals.

I sincerely apologize for the lack of flow on this blog. I swear I've been livin the good life. Like really. The real good life. Lovin that NEW NEW!!!! Hanging out with the most beautiful of people I know, working as hard as a possibly can for no particular reason. I'm super excited for the now. The present. The Beauty of it. Camp has been.....just incredible. Like off the rocker good. I'm sure I'll sum up the season at the end of it, which is sadly near. Anyways. I'm going to flow a few new updates over the next few days because I am now in motel with reliable internet and cozy beds. Livin the dream really.

A few shifts ago we had the Power Animal Party and here at Zanzibar we party. Rain or shine...... And for the P.A.P. Smear (Power Animal Party) we definitely didn't let the weather contain our animal instincts. After all where do all the animals go when its raining?!? NO WHERE!!!! They just hang out in the rain. So after a Few makeshift tarp additions we were ready to send. And send we did. Amazing Costumes, Big tunes, Spirit animal card readings and all round excellent vibes made for the wettest, funnest, grooviest, good times in the new party zone in the woods near camp. After all if we'll work in the rain, why the fuck wouldn't we party in the rain?

Without understanding Love is an impossible thing.
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