Adventuring to Bliss.

Life is epic..... Literally radiating happiness out of every pore..... So excited... Anyways...

Been having the best time ever at camp, went on an adventure one day with tanner, failed out, road still had lots of snow on it so we decided to send it anyways to see if we can find a trailhead anyways I was wearing shorts and my vibram five fingers. She was a cold one. Hiked up. Snow angeled, hiked down, had some twizzlers! RIGHT ON! Got stuck in a massive mud pit yesterday.... well im just going to post the photos cause i really have nothing good to say right now, maybe i dont have the patience...or maybe i'm just too excited about life right now to be writing about it.... Words just can't describe my enthusiasm for LIVIN'


In order to be loved, we have to love, which means we have to understand.

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