Patagonian Magic - Torres Del Finale.

Right now when I get a tweet, or facebook notification, it pops up on my computer in front of me, my iPhone to the right, and my iPad to the left. Are you serious. Too much stimulation, over notification. But as I edit photos on my iPad, stream music from computer, and text Spencer on my phone, I'm lead to believe I am multi tasking on such a uselessly high level it makes my stomach ache, but thats not the multi tasking, its the back up of pizza, empenadas, and beer still working its way through my digestive system.

Its hard to believe this random rouge trip to Patagonia is not only working, but thriving. It was nothing more than a joke and beautiful scenery to us. We could do nothing but laugh at the series of events that guided us through "just the tip" of South America. Hahahahahaha "just the tip" hahahahahahah gets me everytime. Will it get old?

We are back to where we started the patagonian trip off. Peurto Natales. The weather is warm, windless. Thin sweater weather. Currently we are winning. So we decided to throw down for an over night hike on the "W" loop. Instead of doing the regular "W" we decided to cut the crap and skip to the part that entire hike builds itself up to, because we only settle for the best. The sunrise on the Torres. We aptly named this trek the I loop. Straight there. Straight back. I just feel super sorry for all those goofs that felt the need to make the the letter "W". It would have been great if "W" stood for WINNER, but it didn't, it stood for WET. Word was that it had snowed 30cm as well as rained heavy for a few days before we got back to town. As usual we just rolled in for the goods.

Back at the hostel I'm pretty sure we caused Omar, the owner, with more hair loss and stress from our stupid questions and bad jokes. We were almost sure after we left the last time he called our parents to let them know we just weren't going to "make it", and for them to prepare for the worst but he didn't and we made it, so we were all winning.

We packed up our gear and 4 days of worth of food for a one night camping trip and hit the hay. What do you know? we made our bus this time! SMILES! I could tell you about the trek but I really don't like writing about scenery. Its boring for me, and my descriptive word bag is not deep. I actually think there might a hole in my descriptive word bag cause I keep loosing my shit. Needless to say. The trek up was easy. The camp sight was awesome. We kept it real basic and played scrabble on my iPad. Why was my iPad in my pack? I didn't have a watch and we needed an alarm to wake up in time for sunrise.

We were first ones out of the camp. Keeners. We had an iPad though, so naturally we were just on another level of "W" looping than most. Hiked through the dark and plopped our self in the rock gardens below the Torres. On the way up though I had two day dreams. I guess they were early morning dreams, but one was that I would accidentally cut my tongue off some how, the other was, we'd see a rainbow.

One came true. The other, almost. While I was licking dulce del leche, a sugary toffee spread, off my buck knife I managed to give my tongue a shallow but awakening slice on the tounge, this must mean there was going to be a rainbow. Boy was there ever. BOOM! Twice as the sun rose we got a full rainbow from ground to mountain peak, with a thin spread of pinkly hued clouds serving as a backdrop. Simply amazing. We popped our bottle of champagne, we have priorities, we had to leave behind any means to cook to make room for the champagne and iPad. Worth it.

As we sucked back the bubbly and cheered on the amazing colors, I really couldn't just help but realize how lucky I was. Not in sense of weather, where I was, and what I was watching. But...... ah fuck it, I don't wanna bog this relatively humorous blog post down with any sort of deep thoughts. All I can is say is I was feeling PURE BLISSSSSSSSSSSS....Most likely it was the combination dulce de leche stuck in my teeth, and Champagne at 7am.

As we were the last ones to leave, we looked back, just to double check that what we just saw was reality, in time to see a condor spread it wings and soar off a cliff face. Really? yup. whoever was responsible for all of this. I owe them dinner. Maybe even a movie. Is it possible to take the universe on a date? cause I'm going to try.

I thought 10 days in Patagonia wasn't going to be enough, it turns out it was perfect. I was able to see everything I wanted and more. After leaving that zone it was the beginning of a long journey back home. Hike to the bus, bus to Peurto Nateles, bus to Punta Arenas, fly to Santiago, fly to Lima, Fly to Houston, Fly to Calgary, Drive to Fernie. HOMEEEEE!!!!!

You will find that there is no half-measure when it comes to loving someone. You either don’t, or you do with every cell in your body, completely and utterly, without reservation or apology. It consumes you, and you are reborn, all the better for it.

Theres plenty more where that came from. Check out the full piece of literature right here. Worth the read. Trust me. It might change your life.

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