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Patagonia o'clock.

After the chaos of Lollapalooza I popped on down to Patagonia to make the last 11 days of my trip count. What a contrast. I've never felt so appreciative of how good the air smelt after coming from Santiago. Met up with my trusty trekking compadre Ali Vervaeke whom I met in Peru, about a month prior, sending some sweet sweet treks together in the Peruvian Andes we decided to reunite for some Patagonian adventuring. If you want you can check out the Peru blog posts on Laguna 69 and Laguna Churrup to see my previous adventures with the east coast Ali.

Our plan was to trek the shit out of Patagonia in the little time we had and of course be as ridiculous and hilarious as we possibly could be and make other uncomfortable with our insecant laughter and excessive on bus alcohol consumption and I'm pretty sure we nailed it. WINNNNNNNERS. My other goal was to ride a condor but that didn't come through for me unfortunately, I thought it would have made a great photo op.

Arriving in in Puerto Natales we had full intentions of crushing the 5 day 4 night "W" loop in Torres Del Paine National park. As soon as arrived I knew it wasn't a reality. The wind was cold and heavy. The forecast was rain and snow. I only had sandals and shorts but made a quick long undie purchase that served extremely well. So we pulled the plug and totally freestyled our new Patagonia plans and as usual everything blew beyond expectation and the smiles just kept on producing amazing interactions with people, places and things. Rainbows were bountiful and condors were aware of our presence.

Rolled up to virtually my favorite hostel ever by the name of Kawashkar in Puerto Natales. Felt like home cozy as could be And was run by the ever awesome and ever patient Omar. Super knowledgable and rad dude. Has this hostel running like a top. I don't normally like talking about the hostels but Omar was the bomb. So was the hostel. Good vibes and you could rent all you needed right from the hostel. EASY PEEZZZZZZY!

iPads were in abundance in Patagonia. I hadn't seen any iPads the entire trip, then down here the all of a sudden. SHWAMMMM!!! iPads Everywhere. I felt like apple put on a promotion where if you bought an iPad you got a free flight to Patagonia. It was literally iPadagonia.

Here's a few photos from around Puerto Natales. More Patagonian adventure photos and stories coming soon!

Much love. Big love. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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