Fixies, Electro Swing, A little creativity and 25 million dollar Twizzler.

I've just been keeping my cool in Calgary. Spending way too much time on Kijiji, and Soundcloud. Which I'm fine with. Taking the dogs for monster walks daily and booting around on my new love which I have yet to name. A sweet little KHS flite 100 Fixie. No Brakes, No gears, No nothing. Pedals, a chain, a seat, and some wheels. My "oneness" with the road as never felt so "one". HAHAHAHA totally stole that "oneness" shit from Wikipedia. Nonetheless I'm in love with the simplicity of this bike. Its fast but it's a bit strange at the get go trying to figure out how to slow down and/or possibly stop. First few rides were actually the scariest thing I've done in a long time but once you get used it it's hard to imagine any other way of riding a bike. Lets just say I'm going to get a little better before I ride it to the bar or should I say ride home from the bar.

Need a name for the baby. Anyone got some suggestions?

Also got down on some creative mediums on a coupla a little canvases the other day. Couple of feather stencils, with some leather and wire work. Kinda cool! NEATO!

Also jammed out this WAY cool electro swing mix. For years I've love love LOVED Caravan Palace, and until recently I didn't realize there were other likes in the Genre. So I got a hold as much as I could get my dirty little paws on and mixed this sweet little piece up. Just press play. And swing your heart out.

  Swing Into Spring. by Flop E. Dysk

AND THEN! AND THEN! AND THEN! AND THEN! Today I went to visit the Peace bridge. Which I personally think it's money well spent. I think its beautiful. Necessary? not really. But what is? I think its a wonderful piece of art. Expensive. Sure. But its something we, well you, just because I'm not an Alberta resident and its not my tax money, can be proud of.  Its easy to point the finger at some one else spending money on frivolous things, but when was the last time you used that Panini press you convinced yourself you'd use ALL THE TIME. The same architect designed a bridge down in Buenos Aires that we saw and I also thought that bridge was pretty fuckin' hip. I think it's pretty special and pretty pretty. Just Love it. 

I just realized I'm talking about a bridge. At least like it.

Here is a couple of photos I snapped of the one in Buenos Aires.

Geniuses understand the need to make space for ideas to crystallize, for creativity occurs under appropriate inner, not out, circumstances.
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