RADagonia - Fitz and Giggles

El Chalten. Just a wonderful little nugget of town tucked just behind the mountains. Such a wonderful little vibe. Town of 600, all 600 people probably ether own and hostel or a restaurant. SUCH good food and SUCH wonderful people and just a TON of amazing micro brew beers from Patagonia.

After months of amazing luck with weather my path finally crossed with some unbearable rain on our first hike of our El Chalten experience. We were pretty gung ho on sending it right to the top but some old guys convinced us otherwise. Saying the trail was like an ice rink. Plus it was pouring rain and super windy. Lets just say it didn't take alot of convincing to turn us around. We got most of the way though. Solid effort. We headed home in hopes that the hostel had their fireplace blazing, as lonely planet advertised, but of course as lonely planet usually does, provided false information. The rain was a fine fine excuse to hang inside, log a nap, log a blog, and just take it easy peasy in the warm warm building.

The next day though was bliss. Super clear and we got the chance to see a mountain, Cerro Torres, which is generally surrounded by clouds, completely naked of any floating moisture. It was actually unbelievable. The hike in took us longer than it should of cause we just in complete awe of how lucky we were/are. Hung out with our new friend Leo who we met at the trailhead at the top for a while just absorbed as much of the magic as we could. Turned around just as the mountain decided to cover itself up again. The peak started collecting a blanket of clouds as the crowds started pouring up the trailhead. BLISS!

Spent the day convincing The Ali to come back a do a modified version of the "W" loop at the Torres Del Paine. Needless to say it didn't take a lot of convincing. Landed back at the hostel, packed the packs, and it the bus. With beers and no shoes. Obviously.

This writing is just crap. My brain is mush from catching up with all my super amazing friends but it a good much. Super happy to be home. Super happy to be surrounded by my favorite people and my favorite dog peanut once again. A couple more South America blog posts to come then back to blogging about real life. Which is okay. Cause life is real.

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