Blau! Lollapolooza Santiago.

Sorry about the absence in blogging. Had some serious technical errors due to too many photos. Not really the worst problem you could have :)

BUT! Oh doozie time. I could easily say the bus ride from Mendoza was easily the most amazingly crazy, drastic, incredible drive I've ever partaken in. Big, dry, lifeless peaks, switch backs that turn 180 in sets of 20. Like nothing else I've experienced in a drive, it was like a theme park ride. Somehow half the bus was sleeping through it, must of been locals. We got seat in the top front of the bus known as the panoramica seats, but I now call this area the "greenhouse" and I'm sure you can figure out why. While they are the best seats in the house you could easily heat up an empanada on the dash.

Arrived in Santiago way too late after a lengthy boarder crossing, a broken bus and a hell of a lot of traffic in Santiago. The plus. We had rented a crazy awesome apartment on the 20th floor of a sky rise building overlooking Santiago. Awesome. The second plus, it was Lollapolooza time!!! Something I had been looking forward to for at least 6 months.

Lollapolooza Chile was possibly the greatest music experience of my life. While it had a lot to do with the music a big part of it was the attendees. The Chilean crowd knew how to be Fans. Knew how to partake in the show, enhance the experience not only for the fans but for the artists. Never have I seen artists feel so appreciated and it felt amazing to be apart of that magic.

The other twist that made it that much more meaningful is there was no booze being sold at the festival. While most people would bitch and complain about that situation, I feel a great portion of festival attendees use the festival as another excuse to get shit faced and party. It was super cool to see people gather and be there for the love of music and not alcohol. Such a high energy. We even snuck in a bottle of vodka the one day with such ease we didn't even drink it cause it felt just way too easy.

The list of acts seen is as followed:

Thievery Cooperation
Pretty Lights
Bass Nectar
Calvin Harris
A tid bit of Bjork
Foster of the People
Friendly Fires
The Crystal Method
Tinie Tempeh
Foo Fighters

It was all so good... Incredible. My favorite may have been Tinie Tempah. Such an interactive show engaging the crowd with every angle he could. Super lively. Singing, clapping, chanting, jumping. Simply fun. I was also super surprise by how incredible the too fighters were live. While not knowing a lot of foo fighters I recognized at least half of the tracks from my foo fighter days back in high school. I've never seen a crowd so into a show like that before. The band would stop playing and the crowd would just carry the song with singing and clapping. Was magic. Tingled all of the senses. Such a sense of respect for the artists. Skrillex was just a crazy fucking frenzy of amazing who know what, bass nectar good as always. So much good stuff. The best part was the electronic music was in an indoor stadium type thing so you could beat the heat in a dark, cool, UV free space, with pretty visuals, and good sound.

While lasts years Coachella I attended boasted a huge line up of amazingly out of control big name artists, it really didn't even bite the ankles of the vibes at Lollapolloza. Vibes are big for me and Lollapolooza just threw out those moments when you get those magical chills from fan-artist interaction. It was all perma smiles. So fulfilling. Looking forward to Sasquatch like you wouldn't believe.

So all in all I would say Lollapolloza was almost as awesome as the empenada shop in Buenos Aires. :)

Phsyc!!! Way better.

The morning after the festival I hopped on a flight to Patagonia and Hawley hopped in a flight back home. We had a super fun trip together, met loads of rad people, and drank our yearly quota of wine in less than one month. So I would say it wasn't only successful but fantastic to have a vino crushing partner who's recently turned Part time BASS head.

More soon. From the tip of south America.

Didn't catch any photos from the festival but a few from the apartment. LIVIN the good life 20 stories up.

Sending out big Lollapolooza Love to all y'all.

couple of vids from youtube. surely the quality is shit but its all I could find!!

Skrillex sending the Chileans to the clouds.

Angler on a wine bottle. It was ment for me.

Booze cruise. Don't worry we had a little help. Wasn't just the two of us.

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