Argentina 1.6 - Aconcagua. Large and in Charge.

The roof of the America's is what it is...the tallest mountain in the americas. Huge snow capped peak surrounded by arid, dry, lifeless, rugged peaks. It's quite the scene. I've never seen anything like it. It's almost eerie. The air is some of the driest I've ever had the pleasure of breathing.

Took a 4 hour bus ride from Mendoza to the park to embark on this wonderful day hike. So worth it. Made for a big day but it included the most unique mountain setting I've ever seen and a garbage bag worth 1000 Argentine pesos if you lost it. We kept a close eye on that piece of plastic. But then just ended up using it as a cutting board to make lunch. They just said it had to come back but didn't mention what condition it had to be in.

The more time I spend traveling around south america the more I realize how much I love the mountains. Every time I leave them I feel like something is missing. Everytime I come back I feel like everything is whole again. Being surrounded by the comfort of the mountains is what makes me feel free. That or some excruciatingly bass heavy music on an exceptionally awesome sound system designed to vibrate your liver and caress your eardrums with deep vibrations that make your nose hairs tickle. Ether or is Gunna put a big smile on my face. And I mean BIG. Possibly measurable to that of Aconcaguas monstrosity.

Big mountain love.

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