Argentina 1.5 - Mucho Vino in Mendoza.

There's no water in Mendoza. Wine only. You wash your hands with it, you shower in it, you hydrate with it. Fountains, Taps, and Toilets all use vino. Its the fluid of choice for all and any liquid based applications. The vehicles even run on vino.

Kidding. I'm just living in dream land. The dream land where you can drink out of your vehicles gas tank. As Mendoza being the source of many of my hangovers it was a pleasure to grace the soils that provide such wonderful headaches after multiple bottles of the Mendozan purple drank.

Mendoza is pretty amazing, vineyards and mountains. Spent a few days wine touring, football match one evening, pub crawl another and a day doing an incredible trek to the base camp of Aconcagua, there will be separate post for that tid bit of magic. I know your not even done reading this blog post and you already can't even wait for the next. My wonderfully structured, whimsically produced writing has this affect on most humans. Your not alone. I managed to rack up over 1400 hits in the ol blog in the month of march. Big ups, Self props, Hot diggity dog. But really thanks to everyone for reading. It means a ton. You have no idea. BIG love to you.

Anyways. Back to Mendoza. It's not what you imagine. Even outside the city in Miapu. I imagined a quaint little town just surrounded by adorable little vineyards. Not the case. Mendoza itself is a fairly large city. With 500,000 in the city it's self and over a million in the greater area. Even still. Great area. In fact. Fantastic.

Bike touring is interesting. Being right tipsy and sharing a road, that is barley wide enough for two cars, with big semi trucks, cars and everything else that has a motor and wheels. Focus is key and we all know how that works on red wine. It doesn't. I'm actually surprised they just give gringos bikes and encourage them to go get drunk and ride around on roads that aren't even safe in a car. Don't get me wrong, it's WAY fun. Totally recommended, but from a safety point of view totally ludicrous. Much more fun then a bus tour and it gives you chance to burn off all those carbs you've been inhaling through your south American adventure! EXERCISE!!

Got to check out some good vinos that Canada does not have the pleasure of importing. Tasty awesomeness. Be Jelly.

Mendoza also has the nicest plaza I've come across in south America. Loved the zone.

BIG LOVE. Missin all you people! <3

Making art in the guest book. Signatures are cliche.

Three glasses. Yes please.

Surrounded by malbec.

Vino Babes.
Knowing how to drink is knowing how to live.

This guy hooked us up with a couple of free bottles after the tasting. What a hero.

I could go on forever about the magic of these two girls. Met them randomly, Well what encounter while traveling isn't random, at a hostel in mancora, then again at the bus station as I was leaving mancora, then two weeks later again while I was looking for a yoga class at hostel they were staying at in turns out it wasn't even the right hostel for the yoga class.... Then again almost a month later in Mendoza in this huge grocery store not even knowing they were in Mendoza or even in Argentina for that matter.. it's just too wild... You couldn't wipe the smile off my face that day..... The universe crossed our paths so many times it was magical... Couple of super fun, super easy, rad girls for Cleveland... talked them into lollapolooza, wine toured with them, partied with them.... Such good vibes.... it's moments when you cross paths with people again and again you start wondering why.... And you wonder what major decision put you on that path, or if it was an acumilation of small decisions that lead you to that person or that event or that situation. Life is wild when you start to think deep about why you are where you are and even a small decision years ago potentially changed who are you today by 180 degrees.... There's always that what if.... But you don't wanna what if through life.... You just want to absorb and go with the flow and accept the decisions that you make will lead you in the direction you want to be heading and will introduce you to the life your loving to live....

It isn't life's events, but how one reacts to them and the attitude that one has about them, that determines wether such events have a positive or negative effect on ones life, wether they're experienced as an opportunity or as stress.
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